MoRE IMPACT is all about diving straight into the action and positively helping others!

100% profits raised will fund engaging programs and unique memory-making experiences.

Our goals are:

  1. To spread awareness and recruit volunteers for our year-round recovery programs
    1. These programs are relied on by hundreds of families around the nation coping with life-threatening illnesses
  2. To raise funds for the award-winning Camp Adventure program
    1. Camp Adventure is rare, one of the world's only sleep-away oncology camps
  3. To educate the public about various life-threatening illnesses
    1. How minimal funding goes toward pediatric cure research (only 4% out of all research funds actually...)
    2. How wide-spread and common these diseases are not just in America but all over the world
    3. How you can help to prevent certain types of cancer

Read more about who we are, what we do for our local community, and for others who request our help!


Here is our story...

Bernie Williams with Gina at Camp Adventure! She is giving him his special Camp Adventure handmade name necklace that everyone wears - cool, right?!

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